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Food Intolerance Consultation

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Food Intolerance Consultation

The Food Intolerance consultation involves

a food intolerance test that tests 30+ common foods

to see what foods your system may be intolerant to

as some intolerances may be 'asymptomatic'

(i.e. show no physical external symptoms)


Food Intolerances are estimated to affect

at least 45% of the population,

and as not everyone shows external symptoms,

it is a good idea to obtain a food intolerance blood test


Unfortunately, nowadays GPs only test for food allergies

(which are immediate reactions so you normally know what you are allergic to)

and not food intolerances which can show symptoms

weeks to years later and

are connected to auto-immune diseases


What’s included:


1 x Health Questionnaire to fill in prior to the first consultation

(the more information you give in the Questionnaire; the more advice can be given to you)


1 x Consultation with a Prescription that includes the following:

Diet Plan tailored to you with advice on

what to change and what to introduce and the reasons why

Lifestyle Plan tailored to you with advice on

changes to your lifestyle and links to digital downloads to help these changes

Health Plan Tailored to you with advice on

how to treat your symptoms or concerns or conditions

Advice on supplement brands,

what to look for in a brand and what supplements to take tailored to you

Advice on your GP's prescribed drugs tailored to you

Advice on diagnostic tests

that can help to uncover the cause of a concern or condition

Relevant Diagnostic Test: Food Intolerance Test


1 x Consultation with a Treatment Plan that includes the following:

Discussion of what has worked, not worked

from the Prescription advice and what is left to still resolve

Results of your Test

Additional advice on diet, lifestyle, health,

supplements, drugs according to your test results

Additional advice on diagnostic tests

according to your test results

Treatment Plan for the way forward that is tailored to you

This consultation can be provided online or face-to-face depending on location

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