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Quick & Easy Cooking Course

Healthy Food

Quick & Easy Cooking Course

The Quick and Easy Cooking course involves

learning how to cook the following healthy meals:


  • Breakfast Options

  • Lunch/Dinner Options

  • Drink Options

  • Dessert Options


There are 3-4 options given in each

which can easily be adapted to suit your diet

Others tips and advice are given on

healthy food selection for each recipe


What’s included:


1 x Health Questionnaire to fill in prior to the first consultation

(the more information you give in the Questionnaire; the more advice can be given to you)


1 x Consultation with a Prescription that includes the following:

Diet Plan tailored to you with advice on

what to change and what to introduce and the reasons why

Lifestyle Plan tailored to you with advice on

changes to your lifestyle and links to digital downloads to help these changes

Health Plan Tailored to you with advice on

how to treat your symptoms or concerns or conditions

Advice on supplement brands,

what to look for in a brand and what supplements to take tailored to you

Advice on your GPs prescribed drugs tailored to you

Advice on diagnostic tests

that can help to uncover the cause of a concern or condition


PDF Download or 3hrs of face to face sessions:

9-12 x Meal options tailored to your diet


3-4 x Drink Options tailored to your diet


This course can be provided online or face-to-face depending on location

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